『Creating Value for a Better World』
embodies POSCO’s unfailing mission and promise to build a sustainable future for all.

We applied our technology to transform iron ore into steel that underpinned the growth of countless other industries; likewise, we now bring our ingenuity to brine deposits to produce lithium that will power green mobility. POSCO creates values to the world through our eco-friendly future materials to shape a sustainable future.

POSCO, a Trusted Name to Creating Value for a Better World

Back when industries barely existed in Korea, POSCO began making steel, which served a critical role in our national development. Devoid of assets or requisite skills and against dispiriting prophesies, we proved that our unfailing determination could push us forward to reach unimaginable heights.

By creating value on the strength of our creativity and sound technology to shape a more prosperous world,
Our mission at POSCO remains invariable today and into the future: we ‘Creating Value for a Better World’ to build a sustainable tomorrow envisioned by all.

포스코 로고

# A ‘World’ that POSCO Envisions

Different times call for divergent priorities. During Korea’s industrialization, our mind was set on helping to build a prosperous nation, which we achieved by producing steel. Once we had established our status as an unrivaled steelmaker, our vision extended beyond national boundaries; a new commitment was made to develop into a greater enterprise in the global market by seeking joint growth with all stakeholders, e.g., customers and suppliers.

Today, our paramount concern is to ensure a sustainable future for all. To address the imminent crisis of human sustainability, we must transform the way we perform our activities, industrial and quotidian, by placing priority on green values above all else. At POSCO, this is why we intend to move beyond the boundary of our own business in order to envision a sustainable world for all of humanity.

# ‘Value’ that POSCO Envisions

A company’s raison d’etre is represented in the balance of not only economic value generation, but also those associated with social and environmental. The aggregate tangible and intangible values that we provide as a corporate member of society constitute the Real Value, as defined by POSCO, that we wish to bring to the world.

Building on our legacy of partaking in nation-building through steelmaking, we authored the Corporate Citizenship management philosophy that has galvanized a transformative journey, owed to the voluntary action and commitment of all employees. By leveraging the mutually-propelling forces of economic and social values, our goal is to build a better world and to generate greater corporate value. It is our conviction that this is how we can create true value to the world.

POSCO Group Looks to a Better Tomorrow Envisioned by All

From carbon-neutral steel products to essential materials that power future mobility,
as well as pollution-free energy and sustainable architecture manifest through people-oriented technology to food security,
the seven core businesses offer the thrust that keeps us ahead of the race to a sustainable future for all.

POSCO makes a good promise for the benefit of all.
We are excited to share our journey with you, as we march toward Green Tomorrow With POSCO.

Core Brand Values

Pushing beyond Business to the Wider World
l POSCO aims to achieve business success. But that is not all that we care about; through our business activities, we hope to affect positive change in the world.
l We promote industry growth and contribute to national development. Moreover, we make a full commitment to driving sustainable growth for everyone throughout the community.
Creating Real Value
l POSCO fosters the balanced enrichment of economic, social, and environmental values.
l We will develop our Real Value narrative, designed to resonate with our stakeholders and with the goal to communicate to a broader audience.
Shaping a Green Tomorrow
| POSCO’s eco-friendly future materials help to shape a sustainable future.
| The seven core businesses deliver eco-friendly value that realizes a better future envisioned by all.