Corporate Citizenship

포스코는 ‘더불어 함께 발전하는 기업시민’ 경영이념을 기반으로
더 나은 세상을 만드는데 기여하고,
더 큰 기업가치를 창출하기 위해 노력하고 있습니다.

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With the goal to take part in addressing social issues and contribute to fostering a more prosperous world and better tomorrow for humanity, since 2018, POSCO Group has been practicing the management philosophy of Corporate Citizenship.

Corporate Citizenship goes above and beyond the principles recommended in ESG management; our vision embraces coexistence and joint advancement with all stakeholders, as a means to generate greater corporate value, seek continuous growth and contribute to sustainable development.

"Corporate Citizenship, Beyond ESG"

Here are our five corporate citizenship brand activities

designed to practice our management philosophy of Corporate Citizenship.

Five Corporate Citizenship brands to represent ‘A Company I Want to Be With’

Five Brands and Goals

  • A company people
    I want to trade with

  • A company people
    I want to grow with

  • A company people
    I protect the
    environment with

  • A company people
    I create a future with

  • A company that
    works with the community

Main Themes

  • Drive shared growth with business partners to build a strong industry ecosystem

  • Build a POSCO venture platform to explore new growth businesses

  • Commit to Net Zero by 2050 and act to achieve a net-zero economy

  • Build infrastructure and support programs for future generation to promote health and safety

  • Serve as a role model for businesses and communities to grow together